Sarah Booth, LPC

Sarah has a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. She has spent the past 7 years working predominantly in a residential group home with children and adolescents from a variety of backgrounds including foster care youth, youth stepping down from drug and alcohol treatment programs or crisis stabilization units, as well as partnering with families experiencing behavioral challenges stemming from trauma, attachment, and mental health needs. In her role as Director, she has provided counsel and support for foster parents as well as the youth in their homes themselves. She has also served as a therapist for juveniles in a lockdown unit and with adults in a community based mental health setting.

Sarah is ardent about taking into account each person’s individual situation, background, and experiences to help inform their path to healing and recovery. She is passionate about providing trauma informed services, so that individuals no longer feel defined and confined by their past experiences, circumstances, or situations, but can walk in freedom and wholeness.

Sarah is joined by her sweet dog, Zoe, who has been her constant companion in her previous work. Zoe is able to put almost everyone at ease with her sweet, friendly demeanor.